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Wallenstein FX65, FX90, and FX120 Skidding Winches
So good ~  We give you a 3 Year Warranty*

Wallenstein Skidding Winches FX65 FX90 and FX120
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The best Quotes for shipping Skidding Winches are Business to Business shipments.
If you know of a business address to ship to—it is more cost effective. It needs to be zoned commercial, have business hours, business signage, turnaround for a 55 ft. tractor trailer and a forklift. Perhaps you know of a local hardware store, lumber yard, feedmill, landscape shop, welding shop, car parts store etc. that could accept your delivery. Shipping to the nearest terminal is also a good option.

Skidding Winch

 Free Freight Quote

Skidding Winch

 Free Freight Quote

Skidding Winch

 Free Freight Quote

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You are sure to find the FX65, FX90 or FX120 Wallenstein Skidding Winches suitable for your woodlot needs.

It's a Win-Win-Win!

Give you and your tractor a break with the Wallenstein Winches

And at the same time:

  • Reach all those hard-to-get trees

  • Preserve your woodlot

  • Without the need for large heavy equipment you will have reduced your costs

Pulling capacity
6,500 lbs.
9,000 lbs.
12,000 lbs.
HP Recommendation
17 - 45 HP**
30-80 HP
60-100 HP
Mounting (3 point)
Category I
Category I & II
Category I & II
PTO Input speed
540 RPM Max.
540 RPM Max.
540 RPM Max.
Cable speed @ 540 RPM
75-175 ft./min.
75-175 ft./min.
75-175 ft./min.
Cable size
165’ of 3/8”
165’ of 7/16”
165’ of 1/2”
Clutch type
Mechanical, Dry Disk
Mechanical, Dry Disk
Mechanical, Dry Disk
470 lbs.
795 lbs.
898 lbs.

* Register Warranty Online
** 30 HP required to pull 6,500 lbs

North American Made!

 Just across Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada is a region known for its superior steel and quality workmanship known as the Kitchener Area. This is home to EMB Manufacturing, the makers of Wallenstein Farm and Forestry Equipment.


For more information please contact Marlin or Karen
or call 814-349-4484, Aaronsburg, PA, Centre County