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Model JP-1 1 Row Hand Seeder

  • Clear, durable plastic hopper allows you to see seeds.
  • Quick release hopper makes it easy to empty and change rollers.
  • Singulates and spaces small seeds accurately (This saves on seeds and thinning).
  • Seed sizing provided on inside of hopper lid for easier roller selection.
  • Hopper volume .26 gal.
  • No waste of leftover seeds.
  • Can work with only small amounts of seeds in hopper.
  • Uses special anti abrasion plastic rollers to prevent static electricity.

Jang Hopper


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Jang JPDS Double Shoe

JPDS Double Shoe $87

To use, you would remove the Standard Shoe. The Double Shoe will plant the seeds in Two Lines--2” apart. It is only used with the 24 hole roller -- The divider will drop the seed down each side thus creating 2 lines of 12 holes. Great for green onions, carrots and more.

If you used these on the JP-3, 3 of these would plant 6 rows of seeds.

Jang Speader

Spreading shoes $92

The Spreading Shoes on the Jang Seeder are used in place of the furrower opener already included in the unit. They are priced individually. You have the choice of 2 1/3”, 3”, and 4 ¾”.

They take the place of the furrower opener on unit that is 1” wide. You would remove this to use the Spreading Shoe.

The Spreading Shoe creates three different widths of the furrow. There is a deflecting shield that randomly spreads the seeds. It is ideal for lettuce mixes, carrots and more. The wider swath allows more room for the seeds to spread as they are planted.

The Roller arrangements remain the same as in normal use.

TP 1000D Double Disk Opener
TP-1000D Double Disk Opener

Double Disc Opener can be ordered with the unit in lieu of the regular opener - $75. Ordered extra is $110.

Should the grower have trash and residue built up, the Double Disc Opener will help to clear the path. These are not intended as a “no-till” supplement. It is, however, proposed for ground that needs a little prep in between tilling

Jang Seed Rollers
Seed rollers

One seed roller comes with each row seeder.

Easy Roller Exchange Program: The purchase of a Jang Seeder and 5 Rollers qualifies the buyer to participate in our Roller Exchange program. You may mail back an unused roller/s for an exchange of the roller/s of your choice of equal value during the first season of use.

Jang Seeder Row Marker Attachment Row Mark Attachment. $95

Jang Hopper Extension
Hopper Extension $82

Triples Hopper Capacity

Jang Hand Seeders Video for Precision Gardening